Shondell Orinthia Babb, B.COMM (HONS.), Certified Natural Hair Consultant (CNHC)

I have been part of the global, Natural Hair Movement since 2004. But, living in Winnipeg, MB, I struggled to find the right hair products as there were no options for managing and styling Black, super coily, natural hair at the time. I decided back then I was done with the ‘creamy crack’ (relaxer) when I found out how harmful it was to my body. Online shopping wasn't as advanced as it is now, so I spent $100s of dollars trying to care for my hair with mediocre results. I gave up and chose to wear protective styles of braids and twists for years.

I have thick, very densely packed hair that has a 4-C Type curl pattern. This means my curls are the same size as the spring inside a ballpoint pen. I realized that I needed to educate myself about my hair and the products it needed. I educated myself about curly hair science, product ingredients and why having a hair routine is necessary for managing curly hair. I have been a Certified, Naturally Curly Hair Consultant since 2018.

Because of my challenges with managing my own curly hair, I fully understand what you or your child have been going through. I am passionate about helping women, men and children of all ethnicities and hair types that have waves, curls, kinks and coils to embrace their natural hair.

“Learning to manage your natural curls is not just a movement, it’s a lifestyle.” - Shondell


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Why Naturally Gorgeous Curls? I am a Certified Natural Hair Consultant whose services and knowledge about curly hair management has been in demand since 2017.

Thiah Management and Consulting hosted the 1st natural hair event in Winnipeg in 2017. The Naturally Gorgeous Curls Event is a professional, quality and classy natural hair meet up for all hairstylists, naturalistas, naturalisters, parents, barbers and curl friends. Naturally Gorgeous Curls is built on being a trusted “go-to” brand for the natural hair community's products, education and support. We also work with local stylists that offer curly hair specialty services.

I received my Bachelor of Commerce, B.COMM (Honours) Degree in Entrepreneurship & Marketing from the University of Manitoba in 2005. I’ve gained over 7 years of business management experience in areas such as program and project management; property management; and retail sales management. I also possess over 16 years of event management experience through my active community involvement, committee contributions, fashion technology and arts backgrounds.

Learning to manage your natural curls is not just a movement, it’s a lifestyle. And I’m here to help you succeed—every step of the way!


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Meet the Models: Naturally Gorgeous Curls Event, 2018


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Meet the Models: Naturally Gorgeous Curls Event, 2017


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