Hair Twist Sponge, L (1-sided)


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Get a barber’s professional look at home.

  • This sponge is specially designed to create twists from naturally Afro-textured short hair within minutes achieving a trendy look
  • The shape makes this sponge easy to grip and to maneuver and to gather your hair into coils and twists,
  • Fast and effective, creates natural looking twists in your hair in minutes
  • Portable, take the sponge anywhere
  • Suitable for men, women or children

Directions: Works best on damp hair, so spray with water first. Apply a moisturizer to your hair and work in. Then, apply a twisting gel to your. You can also apply some styling gel to the sponge. Use sponge in a circular motion to create twists, while going across the head. Go in one direction only and use light pressure.

Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 6.9 x 11.2 cm ; 49.9 g

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